Gearhead Thursdays Returns!!: Electronics (Part 4 of 5)

An overview of the electronics we have been using on our journey.

One of my favorite pieces of gear is my Goal Zero Yeti Power Pack.  Since the video above was taken, I have actually upgraded my Goal Zero Yeti from a Goal Zero Yeti 150 to the Goal Zero Yeti 400.  We use this as our primary power source for laptop usage, anything that is rechargeable via USB, and for running our Fantastic Fan.  

Mello recharges after a quick trail run while devices recharge on our Goal Zero Yeti 400.

Mello recharges after a quick trail run while devices recharge on our Goal Zero Yeti 400.

I had an opportunity to stop by Goal Zero Headquarters while I was in Utah.  The have an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff and an awesome promotional van to boot.  

Getting Back in the Driver's Seat // New Route Defined!!

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. (Check out this video here if you need to catch up.) 

From a major U-turn near Salt Lake City back to Denver, from Denver to Indianapolis by air, from Indianapolis to Pearisburg, VA to hike 67 miles along the Appalachian Trail (AT), a few days of rest and relaxation in West Virginia, back to Indianapolis, then back to Denver to resume life with the Van on the Run crew. 

I have been having one hell of a summer. I am becoming more accepting of change and have to remain flexible in order to accomplish this road trip dream that I have set forth for myself. Which leads to this week's major announcement: New Route Defined!!

You may recall the map on our The Journey  page below.

Originally our intent with The Journey route was to make what I like to refer to as a a sideways lollipop loop. We would start from Indianapolis, make a beeline towards Colorado, followed by a big loop of the West and Pacific Northwest, then a beeline back to Indianapolis, seems simple enough, doesn't it? 

With the recent opportunity I had to continuing fulfilling another dream of mine [section hiking the entire Appalachian Trail] that threw a small curveball into the mix.  I made a big U-turn in Salt Lake City sending me back to Colorado where I left 2 of the 3 members of The Crew with family for a couple weeks so I could fly back east and hike the AT.  As it stands currently, I will be flying back to Denver to be reunited with the Van on the Run crew and we will once again be embarking on our epic journey.  

We are proud to announce our new intended route below!

The blue on the map shows, again, our original route.  The green and red arrows highlight our newly modified route.  Green arrows show the 4881 miles we have driven so far (including the U-turn from Salt Lake City back to Denver, not highlighted on the map).  The red arrows indicate where we will pick up with this second leg of our trip (again, not including the drive from Denver to Salt Lake City to pick back up with where we left off) and our intended direction of travel to complete the original loop of the West and Pacific Northwest.

We are stoked to get back to life "on the Run".  

Life is full of detours.  The important part is how you react.

Day 34: Lessons Learned on the Run

Day 34: Lessons Learned on the Run

As of the date of this posting I have spent 34 consecutive days away from my permanent address.  I have spent many of these days biking up mountains, hiking through canyons, playing with Mello alongside beaches, and camping amongst ponderosa pines and aspen.  I know that some would say I am in the midst of "the trip of a lifetime", "a life-altering experience", or "fulfilling a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity".  While I certainly hope this trip doesn't define me, I know that I am fortunate to have this opportunity and I don't mind it playing a significant chapter in The Book of Jefferson.  

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Gearhead Thursdays: Backpack (Part 3 of 5)

Gearhead Thursdays: Backpack (Part 3 of 5)

Alright, so I will be the first to admit it, I have a number of backpacks. Ok well, honestly, I have more than a number of backpacks I have a plethora. It's likely that I could do a single gearhead segment on just backpacks but we will save that for another day. [Note to self for possible bonus week gear head segment??]

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Gearhead Thursdays: Dog (Part 2 of 5)

Welcome to another segment of Gearhead Thursdays!

Ultimate Adventure Companion, Dude's Best Friend call him what you will but Mello is certainly more than just a dog. Mello is inquisitive, smart, athletic, and yes, a little on the protective side, just to name a few traits.  Still, in terms of loyalty and trustworthiness he's been the best four-legged companion a guy could ask for. (He has yet to utter a word of complaint so far.) 

So here you have it, this week's gear post is all about Mello.  

Interviewee: Mello

Interviewer: Jefferson 

J: Mello, of all your pieces of gear what would you say is your most favorite?

M: Definitely my Approach Pack by Ruffwear. It’s durable, dries quickly, has ample space and most importantly fits me better than any backpack I have previously owned. It has a number of adjustment points to minimize shifting which means I don’t have to get distracted when I’m on the move.

J:  You have got to me kidding me! You’re telling me that your favorite piece of gear isn’t your collapsible food bowl? We have evidence! [Cue the photo]

M: Yes, I know it’s bit shocking. I absolutely love my food bowl and I’m happy to help carry it when we hike. I enjoy how lightweight it is but hey, speaking of food, don’t you think it is time to feed me?

[Interviewer agrees and interview concludes early due to Interviewees insatiable appetite.]