Introducing: Gearhead Thursdays!

This 5 part series will highlight gear that Van on the Run uses to help us explore and discover along our journey.  

If you are a gear junkie looking for highly detailed information (such as weight, costs, reviews) this series won’t help you much. This series is more of an overview of what we are using with a few items along the way being highlighted. For details concerning make/model or questions of that nature feel free to email us directly,

Gearhead Thursdays: Bike (Part 1 of 5)

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Interviewer: Mello 

Interviewee: Jefferson

M: What is the first bike item that comes to mind that has exceeded your expectations?

J: Without a doubt, my mountain bike. Honestly, I have only taken this bike through a small fraction of the riding conditions that it can handle. I would definitely consider myself a beginner in terms of my mountain biking level and so far, this bike has handled everything I have thrown at it with ease including forest, desert, and alpine conditions. Given what it has proved so far, I don’t see this bike as being tamable ;-)

M: If you had to list one item of gear as a luxury item what item would that be?

J:  I try to carry only those items I absolutely need when I am biking [with the exception of camera gear for filming] too much extra gear will inevitably weigh you down. I would say my main piece of gear that I view as a luxury item would be my windbreaker jacket given to me by a friend. It is definitely high quality and has preformed very well but I have only used it once or twice. I mainly just carry it around for the snowball’s chance in hell I get to go biking in a typhoon or hurricane.

M: What item from your list of bike gear do believe is the most versatile? 

J: Well, that pretty much knocks out the bikes and those items that are specific to them. I would have to say my long sleeve base layer. I have owned it longer than I can remember and believe a company that no longer exists made it. It has seen time on the road bike, mountain bike, trail runs, soccer matches, casual wear, and most of the 14’ers I have hiked. 

M: Do you think it’s time to feed me?

J:  Sure, Mello.  [Gives his interviewer a treat and quick scratch behind the ears.]