Gearhead Thursdays: Dog (Part 2 of 5)

Welcome to another segment of Gearhead Thursdays!

Ultimate Adventure Companion, Dude's Best Friend call him what you will but Mello is certainly more than just a dog. Mello is inquisitive, smart, athletic, and yes, a little on the protective side, just to name a few traits.  Still, in terms of loyalty and trustworthiness he's been the best four-legged companion a guy could ask for. (He has yet to utter a word of complaint so far.) 

So here you have it, this week's gear post is all about Mello.  

Interviewee: Mello

Interviewer: Jefferson 

J: Mello, of all your pieces of gear what would you say is your most favorite?

M: Definitely my Approach Pack by Ruffwear. It’s durable, dries quickly, has ample space and most importantly fits me better than any backpack I have previously owned. It has a number of adjustment points to minimize shifting which means I don’t have to get distracted when I’m on the move.

J:  You have got to me kidding me! You’re telling me that your favorite piece of gear isn’t your collapsible food bowl? We have evidence! [Cue the photo]

M: Yes, I know it’s bit shocking. I absolutely love my food bowl and I’m happy to help carry it when we hike. I enjoy how lightweight it is but hey, speaking of food, don’t you think it is time to feed me?

[Interviewer agrees and interview concludes early due to Interviewees insatiable appetite.]