dog, dude, and van: Meet The Crew


mello, the dog

Age: ~5 dog years/~36 human years

Birthplace: Unknown

Ultimate Adventure Companion // Security Specialist

A member of The Crew since 2010, Mello's engrained sense of adventure, unfathomable loyalty, and passionate desire to follow his nose around the next bend make him the ultimate adventure companion.



jefferson, the dude

Age: 30

Birthplace: Indiana

Driver // Contingency Planner // Director of Logistics

Hailing from the Midwest, Jefferson developed his love of the mountains during yearly backpacking outtings along the Appalachian Trail.

Eight years ago, he loaded all his belongings in the back of his pickup truck and headed west to the Colorado Rockies.  Since then Jefferson has grown a strong attachment to the mountains and enjoys getting outside to explore them via foot and bike every chance he gets.


Photo Credit:  C . Noland

Photo Credit: C. Noland

vincent, the van 

Age: 13                                                              

Birthplace: Unknown

Transporter // Mobile Command Center

Vincent Van-Go!, the newest member of the adventure crew, joined the team in 2012 .

While Vincent prefers freshly paved roads and cruising at highway speeds in low elevations, he has developed a strong resume of adventure travel over the past few years.  With just over 100,000 miles under the hood, he still has many of his best miles ahead of him.